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Registration is required to acces the site parts available only to the registered users. Registration is completely free, and it takes only a few minutes.  It is crucial to give correct information.
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VratiMe collars

How does the code/tag work?
  1. Create an account on on Don't forget to enter all contact information, since they are the key in finding your pet
  2. Once you get the collar, activate it - the activation of the code links the collar to your information
  3. In case your pet gets lost, there are big chances that nice peple who see it, scan the QR code or copy the tag on the website in order to contact you.
Why QR code?
Is the service free?
Can I use the VratiMe code on other services / platforms?
Can I use a code multiple times?
Can I have more that one pet on my profile?
Can I delete my profile?

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